Win a $1K Airbnb Getaway To Fully (re)Charge With Your Favourite Person

Plus, three secondary prizes that pair perfectly with the munchies!
Fully charge your 420 this April with Spinach® infused pre-rolls!

[Sponsored by Spinach]

Fully charge your 420 this April with Spinach® infused pre-rolls!

Spinach® Fully Charged multi-pack pre-rolls are here to make you the life of the party this 420 and they want to hook you up with an EPIC getaway which is sure to (re)charge your chill.

It’s officially the season to celebrate weed’s biggest day, and the Spinach® team is turning the dial up to 11 with new infused pre-rolls for the loudest 420 yet.

Contrats to Clare C., Emily T., and Jess F!

Rules & Regulations: By subscribing to the contest above, you are accepting promotional emails from and Entrants must be 19+ to enter and live in Ontario.

The Grand Prize winner (1) will receive an Airbnb gift card valued at $1,000.00 CAD. Three (3) additional winners will each receive a $250.00 CAD UberEats gift card. No cash value. 

Winner will be selected and contacted via email from the datenight team, please keep an eye on our social media for updates at We will never contact you for financial information, do not respond to any spam emails or messages regarding this contest. Contest closes May 1, 2023 11:59PM. The winner’s name will be posted to this article and they will be contacted via email.

Thank you and good luck!

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Spinach® 5×0.5g Fully Charged Atomic GMO infused pre-rolls are a hard-hitting combination of knock-out strains, jacked-up citrusy grapefruit flavours and high-potency, cold-filtered cannabis extract.

420 is the perfect time to go big, and these potent pre-rolls deliver a fully charged experience with Total THC levels of 35%+, flavourful terpenes, and an exceptionally smooth smoke.

Read on to hear more about what you can look forward to with Spinach® Fully Charged Atomic GMO infused pre-rolls. Click the button below to find retailers carrying Spinach® products near you, so you can stock up and get ready for the big day.

With historic significance for stoners of every stripe, 420 is a holiday centered on the essential pastime of getting baked with your friends. The new Spinach® Fully Charged infused pre-roll 5-packs are ready to share. The combination of fan-favourite cultivars with high-quality extract make these pre-rolls worthy of our beloved high holiday.

Charged to the max with potent goodness, these 0.5g pre-rolls start with the lightning-strike combination of Atomic Sour Grapefruit and GMO Cookies—both highly sought-after strains—for an especially hard-hitting blend.

The Spinach® team then sweetens the pot [pun intended] with high-potency, cold-filtered cannabis extract and added terpenes to make for an experience that’s as delicious as it is powerful. The result is a perfectly packed pre-roll with a smooth, even burn and eye-popping potency with 35% Total THC.

Find the most electrifying cannabis experience at the tip of your fingers this 420 with Spinach® Fully Charged infused pre-rolls.

Have a happy and safe 420 and find even more ways to have great date nights here!

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