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Okay, so your date nights are looking a little repetitive; there’s nothing wrong with that. Without a little creative help, it’s easy for date nights to turn into a cycle of takeout and binge-watching. But, if you are your date are ready to dive a little deeper into your relationship, explore outside your habits, and create meaningful memories, then do we have a date idea (or 50) for you!

The Adventure Challenge found a way to push the boundaries of your date nights, while keeping it easy for anyone to do, no matter where you are! Inside their book, you can find 50 adventurous dates that require little to no set-up or preparation so they can be done at home and in your community, while still giving ideas you probably wouldn’t have thought of for yourself!

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Once you have the book, in a few easy steps you’re on your way to an exciting date night adventure:

Step 1 – Choose your date adventure

Go through the book with your favourite person and find a date idea that sticks out to you. You only get to see the title, though, so choose carefully (or for an extra spontaneous date, close your eyes and choose randomly)! Once you decide on one, scratch it off to reveal your date details.

To make it super easy, above each date is information on how much money it may cost you, the time of day you should go on this date, and how long the date will take; along with icons to give you hints about what the date could involve.

Step 2 – Go on your date!

Once you scratch off your date, there’s no take-backs. Go out with your date and do whatever the book suggests; this could be anything from baking (with a twist), to getting artsy, or heading out to a store close by grab some supplies to set up your date. Be open minded and have fun with whatever you do!

Step 3 – Document your date

The Adventure Challenge is a book for a reason. Even if the date won’t last forever, the memories do! Make sure to purchase the book and camera bundle to create vintage keepsakes of every date you complete. There’s a spot beside each scratch-off date to keep the polaroid photo and a small written description.

Just imagine going through the book years down the line and reminiscing on these romantic and fun dates, it’s making us emotional just thinking about it!

The Adventure Challenge doesn’t just cater to date night for couples either; their product line includes books for solo adventures, days of family fun, and things to do with your friends!

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