#ItsDateNight with The Lost Two


We’re sitting down with some amazing Canadians who are dishing on all things datenight. From their own first date stories, to dating pet peeves, a look into their businesses, advice, and more!

Who they are

Meet Claudia and Kaan, the wanderlust-filled couple behind The Lost Two; taking over Instagram and the hearts of travel lovers everywhere.

Who doesn’t like seeing gorgeous vacation destinations around the world while adding to a never-ending list of cities, countries, and attractions you just have to visit next? These two make our dreamy Instagram goals a reality.

photo by thelosttwo

How it started

The Lost Two found each other when they were living in Toronto; Claudia was always travelling and Kaan worked as a very creative accountant. Just three months into dating, they took a trip backpacking Hawaii, documenting their travels lightly via GoPro and phone cameras. They continued the trend with small getaways whenever they could get vacation time from their jobs, and upgrading their phones as time went on.

Come 2017, Claudia and Kaan booked a four-month trip around the world, hitting the hottest destinations around Asia, the Middle East (Dubai), Greece and Turkey (where they got engaged), Australia, Fiji, Oceania. After all that, they did a month camping trip in Eastern Africa which only shows their dedication and passion for travel and exploring the world.

On this world-trip is where The Lost Two really kicked off, connecting with content creators and business owners in Bali (a hub for travel blogging), and took their phone-camera and GoPro photos and kicked them into high gear. They started documenting their experiences and relationships during their travels and built up their content to what you see today.

If you’ve come across their Instagram page now, you know they’ve come a LONG way.

Then the pandemic hit…

When they pandemic hit, they were inevitably travelling and upon their return to Canada, started to shift their content creating away from travel blogging to home and lifestyle content, documenting their every day life, relationships, and behind the scenes of some of their most iconic shots.

Now, they’re getting back into showing off the world and we cant wait to follow along to see where they go next!

Let’s talk date spots

If you ever wondered where a couple who travels the world all year long goes for dates? Their very first date together was actually at Pai in Toronto. They ordered the Khao Soi and Thai Iced Tea… and would later travel to Thailand together creating the most visually stunning shots!

Some local date spots that The Lost Two noted as favourites include the Bruce Trail (including Mount Nemo and the Niagara Escarpment), Niagara on the Lake, walking around downtown Milton (and underrated but cute spot with great restaurants), and taking a short drive up to Blue Mountain.

Being a creator full-time

The community The Lost Two has built up is not modest. They have quickly grown and continue to do so, gracing the pages of travel inspo blogs everywhere and showing their audience the most beautiful corners of the world. But, doing this full-time with your partner is no simple task.

The hours that go behind every photo and post are countless. Between travel and commuting, posting and engaging with their audience, brainstorming content, doing behind-the-scenes and admin work, this is a more-than full-time job. Add that on-top of having a live-in coworker and cofounder and you’re bound to have some creative disputes. Claudia and Kaan have learned to not take business conversations personally, and, as many others have had to learn, got used to being around each other 24/7.

photo by thelosttwo

A piece of advice

Claudia: Go outside your comfort zone! Neither one of us are who we though we’d end up with as kids/teenagers but when we met, we were very compatible. We aligned in our willingness to try new things… Give people a chance.

Dishing on red flags & pet peeves

Claudia: Watch out for when someone is willing-fully ignorant, on anything from social and political issues to way of life and opportunities.

If they’re dismissive of your interests or look down on them, or think they know better all the time… walk the other way!

Did we just give you that wanderlust feeling? Check out our travel section for more travel date ideas and start planning!

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