The Mash Has a New Location on 17th Ave for Your Pizza and Beer Dates


photo by @billynature

Who doesn’t love pizza and beer dates? Come August 19th, The Mash will be open for business on the bustling 17th Avenue in Calgary.

In celebration of the new location, The Mash invited everyone to the Grand Opening where they’re offering a pay-what-you-can donation for a slice of pizza in support of Women In Need Society in Calgary.

The Mash’s delicious pizza is the product of upcycled spent grain from Half Hitch Brewing. The Cochrane-based family-run brewery wanted to make sure that all of the materials in the brewing process are used.

“Never miss an opportunity to upcycle.”

When brewing beer, crushed malted barley is mixed with hot water to convert the starch into sugar.  The grain is separated out and the liquid becomes the brewing water, which is then boiled, flavoured with hops and fermented to become the drink you know and love.

But, that grain that was separated out accounts for about 85% of the total brewing byproduct; needless to say there’s a lot of product left over to use, and this case, they thought of pizza!

That grain is turned into uniquely flavourful pizza dough that pairs perfectly with Half Hitch pints, and it’s actually healthy for you.

Why use upcycled spent grain?

Half Hitch Brewing Company and The Mash value sustainability and take every opportunity to reuse materials and minimize waste, often thrifting their kitchen ware and decor for their restaurants. The owners are excited to be able to support a cause that combines the efforts of reuse and connecting local women and their families with essential resources.

“Our family was built on a foundation that included generosity. Childhood memories recall family outings volunteering over Christmas at the Mustard Seed or having weekly visits to our local seniors center. When we went down the path of creating Half Hitch, we always knew we were going to use our reach, however small, as a way to give back.”

photo by @billynature

Take advantage of the perfect opportunity to have a pizzaful date and try your new favourite craft beer and pizza combination, while supporting the women in your community.

Located at 1535 5 St SW., Calgary

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