Exploring The Hottest Online Dating Trends of 2023: Insights from Tinder

The year was marked by overarching themes of positivity, optimism, and a focus on bettering ourselves through making connections

Popular dating app Tinder has released its annual Year in Swipe report, highlighting the State of the Date (dating trends) in 2023 across Canada! Have you been on the apps this year? Maybe some of these trends will look a bit #relatable, maybe!

The State of Date showcases the trends, terms, and tunes singles leaned into while splashing around the dating pool this past year.

Top Tinder trends

Overall, daters were less concerned about where their relationships were headed and more interested in creating memorable experiences. The shift to utilizing dating as a source of self-fulfillment gave rise to the top dating trends of the year.

1. Not Attached To an Outcome (N.A.T.O) Dating

This, as the name suggests, refers to singles who are less concerned about the outcome of a relationship and more interested in enjoying the process of getting to know someone.

2. Dating For The Plot

This denotes that dating was more about the journey and less about “the end” in 2023. Singles were open to meeting new people to have new experiences and fun stories to tell, rather than taking a traditional goal-oriented approach. This gives the motto ‘no bad dates, only good stories!‘ a real meaning.

Did you keep it casual this year or dive deep?

Other top trends

Because it’s all about the journey (and the story!), the destination will come. Some of the other top trends include insight into:

  • Time being the most valuable currency to daters, with 51% of surveyed young singles saying they were open to new ways of fitting dating around their daily schedules, and
  • Feminine energy boomed around the world in 2023 and inevitably found its way onto Tinder with female artist preferences topping the charts! The buzzy anthems bopping on Tinder all came from powerful female pop stars, like Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Beyoncé, and Rihanna.

Singles fully embraced “main character energy” in 2023. They ditched the pressure of rushing to a “happily ever after” in favour of using the dating process to build a roster of new experiences and memories that bolstered their own personal stories.

Here’s some tea on how countries around the world are dating!

Sometimes you don’t consider how different dating is in other countries! Based on Tinder’s reports, here’s what’s going on internationally.

Busan in Korea replies the fastest, Denmark ghosts the least, and Mexico State has the longest bios!

Where else are they replying super fasts to potential matches on Tinder? Country-wise: Singapore, UK, Germany, and USA. Other countries who ghost the least include Sweden, Norway, Canada, and Australia – how polite.

In addition to Mexico State, these cities had a lot to say, clocking in with the longest bios in the world: Calgary, São Paulo, Toronto, and Los Angeles!

Is dating this way delulu?

Tinder says, dating’s not delusional if you know you’re delusional! Singles were into taking chances this year and keeping the optimism around potential matches alive. But while leaning into the “delulu” of dating can be fun and playful in a daydreamy sort of way, singles were still self-aware enough to call out red flags – in themselves and each other. In fact, mentions of ‘delulu’ started trending in Tinder bios in February 2023.

They peaked in September 2023, growing 58x with bio examples such as “If you are delulu, I’m your solulu”, “Tall, dark and delulu”, “Turn my delulu into trululu”. (data re: Tinder bios Jan 1/23 – Oct 1/23)

maybe, but…

This lighthearted approach to making new connections took the pressure off establishing relationship labels and outcomes, leaving more room for self-exploration through dating.

So, what energy are you bringing to your dating life in 2024? It’s been said that when you’re least looking, and focusing on yourself the most, is when you find exactly what’s meant for you! We’re looking forward to a new year full of love in all forms.

Happy New Year!

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