This Bucket List Hotel Could Be The Most Romantic in Venice, Italy

Step into a fairytale at NH Collection Venezia Grand Hotel Dei Dogi
NH Collection Venezia Grand Hotel Dei Dogi

Is it just us or does it feel like everyone we follow has been to Italy in the past couple of years? As one of the very top travel destinations in the world and one of the most popular spots for romantic holidays, we had to go see what all the fuss was about – and we fell in love at the NH Collection Venezia Grand Hotel Dei Dogi in Venice.

As Canadians, there’s a good chance your travels to Italy include a couple of weeks (or more) to get your commute’s worth, so while you’re planning your next trip make sure to allow a day or two in your schedule to visit Venice.

Over two million tourists each year descend upon this city of islands, canals, and bridges known for its stunning views, fresh seafood, and no-car style of living.

Venice was hands down one of the most romantic spots we’ve visited, ever, and the vibes started right from our check in at the NH Collection Venezia Grand Hotel Dei Dogi, a five-star luxury hotel revitalized just this year (2023). 

The property

The hotel’s front entrance is just a short walk through town (and over some bridges) from the train station and faces a canal to allow for arrival by boat as well, which is not uncommon for this city. From the front, it looks regal and luxurious in true Venice canal-front fashion, but how you feel when walking through the doors and into the high-ceiling lobby is immediately an elevated experience. 

Because of the size and layout of Venice, it’s seldom you’ll find a large expansive building with outdoor space space for a garden or park but somehow the NH Collection Venezia Grand Hotel Dei Dogi has accomplished this. 

One of the winning features and most romantic parts of the hotel is what lies beyond the back doors. The garden is so much more than described, with trails through a beautiful garden adorned in flowers, vines, and statues until you reach an open field and rose-covered patio area.

Walking beyond that is another building with a covered sitting area that overlooks a dock and unobstructed waterfront with endless views of the Adriatic Sea.

Guests are free to roam the whole property and the serene stroll through nature and water views are a romantic date idea you can do without even leaving the hotel!

This area also makes for an unbeatable wedding venue that remains private and luxurious.

The rooms

Somewhat small details distinguish a five star hotel from the others and discovering features and comforts offered in our canal-view King room definitely showed us this.

The room was cozy with just the space you’d need for two people, we weren’t planning on being inside much anyways since it was one of the few non-rainy days we got, and the bed was more than enough room to comfortably stretch out.

The unique design of the wallpaper, colours and decor quickly gave the room so much character. This made me seriously question why anyone would prefer millennial grey or minimalistic designs when design and colour like this can elevate a stay and evoke feelings, creativity, and yes, romance. 

The bathroom was majestic with everything offered from extra toothbrushes, to a heated towel drying rack, and even a pre-coated mirror that didn’t get fogged up in the middle so you could still see after a shower. We could only categorize these thoughtful touches as things you see and question, “now how did they think of this?!”

While we were grateful for the beautiful weather we had that made exploring Venice bright and ideal, we truly would not have minded spending all our time at NH Collection Venezia Grand Hotel Dei Dogi to experience more of the grounds and amenities – but I guess that’s for next time!

How to book your Venice vacation

When searching for hotels and vacation homes when travelling, we’re always quick to check or the app to get a comprehensive sense of what’s available for our travel period, budget, and compare all the properties that catch our eye!

It’s so helpful that hotel listings on Expedia include all the property info you’d need to know, available room options, amenities, information about the location, reviews, and more – we may like to be a little over prepared when it comes to securing the best stays.

That being said, we definitely like to plan our travels well in advance so we love having options like price tracking in the months or weeks leading up to a vacation to make sure we snag the best deals and rewards out there. Thankfully all of this can be done on so we’re not searching through a million sites when planning trips.

See and book the NH Collection Venezia Grand Hotel Dei Dogi here!

Venice date ideas nearby

Once you book your stay, the best way to start to look for date ideas nearby is the listing on! Their ‘Explore The Area’ section shows a map of the location and main points of interest with the distance from the hotel so you can start on your killer itinerary.

Find photo opps, restaurants close-by, airports, bus terminals, transportation options, and even book-able excursions and activities all while researching the hotel.

NH Collection Venezia Grand Hotel Dei Dogi is within walking distance of the main train station in Venice, less than 20 minutes from the famous St. Mark’s Square, 10 minutes from the landmark Rialto Bridge, and just a few minutes to some amazing local restaurants for Aperitivo and dinner.

Find even more to do around the Venezia Grand Hotel here!

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