What to Pair with Pink

glasses of pink wine

So you’re getting ready for date night and have no clue what to serve with the wine in your fridge, it’s okay, it happens to all of us.

Wine and food pairings have been a gastronomic experience since the grape elixir came to be, and while a fair assumption can be made when working with meat and red wine, more questions may arise when the pink drink is brought around.

Good news, you CAN have a classy date night with Rosé – even if you’re new to serving wine:

When deciding on a meat to pair with Rosé, try and opt for a fatty pork, like ham. The salty flavours of the ham and the high fat content will work well with the crisp and dry wine.

Rosé is also the perfect pairing for a turkey dinner. In a similar way, seafood (cooked or raw) such as squid and octopus works well too. 

Also, try Spanish tapas: the amount of different dishes and flavours won’t possibly fit to one type of red or white wine; Rose can be the perfect middle-ground. 

And finally, when looking at cheeses, which is an almost-always safe choice for date night, you’ll want to opt for a creamy cheese such as goat cheese, or brie.

Some of our favourite LCBO Rosé wines for date night right now are:

  1. Flat Rock Pink Twisted Rosé – $17.95
  2. Caves d’Esclans Whispering Angel Rosé – $29.95
  3. Remy Pannier Rose D’Anjou – $15.15
  4. Trius Rose – $17.95 
  5. Kim Crawford Rosé – $18.95
  6. Unwined Smooth Rosé – $9.30

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