Win a Daydreamy Vacation thanks to Canada’s Infused Sparkling Water

cans of daydream drinks

Daydream is a Canadian-based infused sparkling water company that has taken over newsfeeds with their aesthetic cans. The company started in Ontario and is now reaching across the country! Excitedly, they have announced that Canada’s first hemp and adaptogen-infused sparkling water is finally expanding to Calgary in a big way!

Daydream’s mission is to help you live as the most creative version of yourself and to spread more calming moments.

congratulations Kim A. on winning a dreamy getaway!

Daydream is unlike anything you’ve ever seen on shelves, in a grocery store, or on the internet. This digitally native brand boasts hilarious, yet relatable , personalities for their cans on Instagram. Peach ginger (being the Diva of the bunch) is our favourite. We recommend checking them out on Instagram at @DayDream.

Put simply, Daydream is like the Red Bull of calming, hemp-infused drinks, and is reshaping the way we look at mindful plant-based beverages.

Plant-based adaptogens in our drinks is a new concept, but with the shift away from high-sugar soda and energy drinks, we owe it to ourselves to give our bodies wellness while still enjoying the taste of what we’re drinking.

What are adaptogens, you ask?

Think ginseng; in herbal medicine, adaptogens are any natural substance that helps the body adapt to stress and balance out everything going on inside you.

So what does the drink do for you exactly?

Other than make a great photogenic companion for your self-care Sundays…

Their minimal yet focused recipe of hemp & adaptogens is a natural way to aid the body’s endocrine system in re-balancing. Adaptogens help your body adapt to stress, which affects mood & sleep. (This is a fancy way for saying that you’ll feel more focused, yet relaxed.)

Popular go-to mood boosters like running and yoga help anyone avoid insanity , but Daydream gives that extra push to get you back to feeling like yourself. With adaptogens like Schisandra berry and Moringa leaf, we even felt inflammation go down after a long workout.

Surprisingly the earthy tastes of plants were nowhere to be found. Each flavour hits an unexpected & exciting part of your taste buds we never knew existed. Most importantly it was naturally flavoured, and we were glad to find no lingering stevia or sweetener aftertaste.

Each Daydream can truly lives up to their slogan. ” Your partner in Day perfection.” 

So whether you come out a giveaway winner or not, If you’re looking to add some jazz to your morning or afternoon routine, we recommend giving Daydream a try. Start with a sampler pack — in times crazier than ever, you deserve a dose of balance and clarity one sip at a time. 

Where: Visit their site where the 6 pack sampler is only $28.99 after their 15% sign up bonus…. and all orders have free shipping. (Now that’s refreshing)

Daydream is also going to be available at select grocery stores & retailers. Check out their store locater here & remember to revisit often as they update the page with new stores monthly.

Happy Daydreaming!

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