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Learn more about the fastest growing residential solar solutions company in Western Canada
zeno renewables

Meet Zeno Renewables, a Western Canada-based residential solar solutions company that’s revolutionizing the renewable energy landscape – because there’s nothing more attractive than a date who cares about the earth.

They have offices in Calgary, Edmonton, and their most recent addition in Lethbridge.

So what’s the goal?

Zeno Renewables is committed to powering homes across the region with clean, solar energy. The company’s ambitious goal of installing solar on one million homes by 2040 is driving their relentless pursuit of sustainability.

Founded on the principles of environmental stewardship and technological innovation, Zeno Renewables is leading the charge towards a greener future.

As a trusted provider of residential solar solutions, they are dedicated to empowering homeowners to harness the power of the sun and reduce their carbon footprint.

Zeno Renewables and the community

One of the hallmarks of Zeno Renewables is their commitment to giving back to the community. Each year, they organize an annual fundraiser to support students in financial need at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) and the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT). Through this initiative, Zeno Renewables not only demonstrates its corporate social responsibility but also cultivates a brighter future for aspiring professionals in the renewable energy sector.

With their sights set on a fundraising goal of $15,000 this year, the company is already halfway there!

Members of the Zeno Renewables team have also participated in five major marathon fundraisers across the country, like Toronto and Calgary, and are gearing up for the upcoming Edmonton Marathon which only further demonstrates their commitment to the pursuit of personal and team goals and positively impacting lives.

Their partners

Zeno Renewables builds relationships with a variety of industry leaders to expand their reach and maximize their impact. Their collaboration with veritree has only increased their action on sustainability and becoming carbon neutral by planting 15 trees for every solar project they work on. 

They have also recently become the title sponsor of The Calgary Surge, the city’s new professional basketball team. This partnership not only demonstrates Zeno’s commitment to supporting local sports but also provides a platform to amplify their message of sustainability and renewable energy. Through this collaboration, Zeno Renewables hopes to inspire individuals and organizations to embrace solar solutions and make a lasting impact on the environment.


We love a green date idea, and Zeno Renewables hosts city clean-ups to remove garbage from natural environments, connect with, and improve the communities they operate in.

The #CITYCLEANUP initiative  aims to educate local citizens about different climate issues by empowering them to take responsibility in making their local community a cleaner place. 

This year, you can join the Calgary City Clean Up on July 8 at Crossroads Commons and in Edmonton on August 19 at Constable Ezo Faraone Park!

By illuminating the path to a sustainable future, Zeno Renewables is not only transforming homes with solar energy but also igniting a movement that has the power to reshape the way we live and interact with our environment.

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