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We’re romanticizing our homes! In the days of rising costs of everything and sometimes overwhelming options, there’s nothing more relaxing, and romantic, than coming home to a space with furniture that’s both cozy and stylish.

Sometimes you’ll be browsing online pages of home and furniture stores for hours, finding that everything looks the same or worse – you don’t like anything you see. There’s nothing more frustrating and trust me, we felt it.

In the already-stressful process of moving in together for the fist time, it dawned on me just how many things we would need to get after move-in day. From big furniture we’d spend most of our time in, to small essentials, decor, it felt like we were trying to find unique, yet functional and long withstanding pieces for weeks on end!

The bed frame is what was taking the most time; personally I found that big-box stores and online retailers didn’t offer everything we needed in one product. We narrowed down our most important qualities to: Queen size bed, no box spring, comfy headboard, and storage.

specializing in custom

While we didn’t think the parameters were too narrow and rare, before finding Candace & Basil I kept thinking to myself “why can’t we just combine all these bed frames we’re seeing into our perfect one?!”

Turns out a Candace & Basil, you can.

how does it work?

Wondering if Candace & Basil is your perfect match to create, or re-vamp your dream home? We personally experienced what it’s like to order a custom Candace & Basil product, visit the showroom, and witness the customer service on delivery day!

What makes Candace & Basil so special is the constant hands-on experience this family-owned company provides. Whether you’re an online shopper, or need to see and feel your pieces in-person before committing, they have everything!

First, you’ll browse their custom selections either online or in-store.

You can even order complimentary fabric swatches to your house if you’re having a hard time deciding between the colour and material that suits you best.

Once you’ve found the style you love, you’ll go through Candace & Basil‘s many custom selections to make sure the style matches the functionality you need for your bed.

These options are:

  • Size – they have Double to California King Beds
  • Material – between Velvet, Bouclé, Leatherette, and Fabric
  • Headboard height – between 42″ and 72″
  • Wooden Leg options – Unfinished Spruce, Golden Spruce, Dark Espresso, and White Oak
  • Storage Options – Drawers on the sides, or hydraulic lift storage under the mattress, and
  • Platform – whether you need a lower platform for using a box spring or higher, or don’t want a platform, they have 11″ and 15″ heights, as well as lowered and none.

Then, all you have to do is get your order locked in and the Candace & Basil team will start working on it! It’s hand-made to order especially for you and is ready to join your home in about three to four weeks.

the final result

On the arrival day, we were so excited for the new bed frame to complete our new space and chose to have it delivered and assembled by the Candace & Basil team.

From scheduling the delivery, to getting communication when they were en route, and arriving, it was such a seamless process – so we could focus on being happy about our new bed!

The team was quick, friendly, professional, and before we knew it we had our mattress on, the drawers full, and were getting comfortable.

We’ve been enjoying our Candace & Basil bed for a couple months now and can confidently say bed is one of my favourite places to be now because of it! The storage drawers have garnered a big, impressed reaction from every guest who has seen it so far and you can tell this bed is made to last.

Shop Candace & Basil’s custom beds here to look as comfy as we do!

[product was gifted by Candace & Basil, opinions and experience review are our own]

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