KANDL Is Making Toronto Valentine’s Dates Even More Romantic With Their Candle-Making Workshops


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We love finding date ideas and gift ideas all in one; and KANDL Artistique in Yorkville (Toronto) certainly checks off both of those boxes.

KANDL is the first fully customizable candle Lab experience in North America where guests can choose, combine and create custom fragrances to create their own personalized scented candle, from start to finish

This February, share an unforgettable experience making candles with your special Valentine! During these specialty workshops, every person will be offered a complimentary strawberry Bellini cocktail to complement the date.

The special workshops this February run from the 10-14th, happening at 2pm, 5pm, 8pm, and 10pm.

The KANDL Lab: How it works

You and your date, guided by an expert team member from KANDL, will choose, combine, and create your custom fragrances. There’s over 125 potential outcomes meaning you likely won’t have the same candle as the person beside you!

You’ll smell through three layers of scents for your custom candle; the base notes, middle notes, and top notes. With five scents in each of those categories, your candle will reveal new and delicious scents as it burns.

Then, when the scents and wax comes heated up, you have to continue moving quickly since it dries fast – your expert guide will show you the ropes on how to mix your scents into the wax and pour your candle for the perfect result.

Once your candle is poured, you wait about 10-15 minutes so the wax can cool down in the vessel. In the meantime, you can hang out with your date listening to chill music and sipping on a drink, or stroll around the retail space and pick up even more candles (and diffusers) for your home, or as gifts!

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You can customize the gold label and name your candle whatever you want.

Once the label is stuck on, the KANDL team wraps it up for you in a gorgeous box and bag and sends you on your way with a new take home gift from your date night.

The boutique is beautiful, there are cafe drinks and wine to sip your favourite beverage during the workshop, and the romantic vibes are at an all time high; perfect for a unique Valentine’s date where you can stay cozy indoors.

The whole workshop takes about 90 minutes and is $95.00 CAD per person, which includes the candle to take home.

Already excited about candle-making? Check their workshop availability here for those special days in February.

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