Feel All the Vybes and Reconnect on an Emerald Lake Lodge Getaway!


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This new social & compatibility app is all about the vybes!

Humans have turned to the stars for guidance since ancient times, so Vybes is giving young Americans and Canadians a new approach to connecting with themselves and others. Vybes provides unique personalized daily astrological readings regarding different aspects of life such as love, career, personality, and wellness to help you on your self-discovery journey of mental health, compatibility, & self-reflection.

The Vybes team wants to send a lucky winner and their favourite person to leave the hustle and bustle behind and reconnect at the serene and off-grid Emerald Lake Lodge.


Rules & Regulations: By subscribing to the contest above, you are accepting promotional emails from both www.itsdatenight.com and www.vybesapp.com. Entrants must be 18+ to enter and live in Alberta, Canada.

The winner will receive a two-night stay at Emerald Lake Lodge in Field, BC (2.5 hr from Calgary) in a King Lodge Room. Valid for stays between Sunday and Friday. Room incidentals not included. Transportation not included. Winner must be 18+ to meet check-in requirements.

Winner will be selected and contacted via email from the datenight team name@itsdatenight.com, please keep an eye on our social media for updates at instagram.com/datenightyyc. We will never contact you for financial information, do not respond to any spam emails or messages regarding this contest. Contest closes Friday November 25, 2022. The winner’s name will be posted to this article and they will be contacted via email.

Thank you and good luck! 

Finished entering?

So…how does it work? 

Vybes is a one-stop shop that provides daily horoscopes, astrological analyses, self-discovery journal prompts, compatibility ratings, and so much more!

Vybes also shows users their astrological sign compatibility with potential friends or partners (or find your compatibility with your crush).

Want to make it onto the explore page? Go for it! Whether you share your daily horoscope, photography, or even an application request for a soulmate, Vybes users can share what they wish on their profile!

Who should join Vybes? 

Everyone! If any of the aspects of Vybes resonate with you, then this is the app for you! Use it at your own pace & in a way that works best for you. It’s the 21st century, you don’t need to look up at the stars for guidance, just check Vybes!

Looking for all the vybes?

Vybes is available to download on Apple’s App Store in Canada and the US. Most of the community is within LA, Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, and Calgary but quickly expanding to different regions! 

Feeling it? Keep reading for more!

Compatibility & Interpersonal Relationships 

Whether you are single or cuffed-up, you will benefit greatly from our compatibility metre and interactive birth chart! These tools can help you understand your partner at a much deeper level.

Vybes’ compatibility has been known to enhance communication and awareness in relationships by allowing you to learn more about your own tendencies in relationships, and your partner’s. Awareness builds understanding, which will help bring you closer together and understand what kind of person you want in your life! 

Uncertainty, Self-Discovery, & Mental Health

Vybes daily horoscope can assist in times of uncertainty pertaining to love and life decisions, health and career questions, and everything in between. The interactive natal chart can help you identify certain tendencies you may harbour, and assist in deepening the connection you have with yourself.

Want to dig even deeper? We got you! Our interactive journal provides you with daily prompts that help you get to know yourself a bit better & strengthen the relationship you have with yourself! 

Current Astro Events: Eclipse Season Oct 25th Scorpio Solar Eclipse & Nov 8th Taurus Lunar Eclipse

On October 25th, we collectively entered the last Eclipse season of 2022. Eclipses are known for bringing in massive changes to our lives, and the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio and Lunar Eclipse in Taurus are no different.

Get prepared to completely shed what no longer serves you, and open your arms to the infinite possibilities the Universe has in store for you.

Make sure you’ve entered correctly above and keep an eye out on Instagram and this article for updates and announcements for your chance to find new ways to connect with yourself, friends, or your crush here.

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