The Pandemic Changed the World of Dating, and I Think It Was a Good Thing


The pandemic changed the world in so many ways, including the way we view relationships and dating. I was never single during the pandemic, but I can only imagine how challenging it was, especially to those looking for love. 

When I was courting my wife, dating was simple. Find a nice restaurant or a cool activity and pray she likes you at the end of the night. 

Although the pandemic added a new layer of challenges in the dating world, it also made a lot of repairs. 

We live in a world that has gotten used to instant gratification. We also live in a world that sadly emphasizes the importance of physical appearance. 

When the world went on lockdown, people were forced to rely on emotional and intellectual connections rather than simply focusing on the physical. Dating and sex didn’t become instant and it allowed individuals to get to know one another on a different level. 

While some new relationships shattered under the very little pressure they were under, the relationships that made it came out with a stronger foundation than they could have ever predicted. 

Another positive thing to come out of the pandemic was the time that many were forced to spend alone. Spending time in solitude can bring up a lot of emotions that you would otherwise push down. 

This gave people the opportunity to be still and to dig deep, allowing them to connect to themselves. 

You can’t look for a person to complete you, you need to complete yourself and find a partner that compliments you. 

My wife Marlene is my world, but I was a whole person when I met her and she was whole when she met me. I don’t look at her as someone who completes me. I  see her as someone who betters me, as someone who understands me, and as someone who accepts all of me.

My wife and I did a lot of “soul searching” on our own before finding each other and I truly believe that If I hadn’t worked on myself I would have never landed her.  

The pandemic might have changed the world of dating forever, but it might have done us all a favor. 

Relationships have become more valued. Society no longer feels the need to be surrounded by large groups of people and find value in spending quality time with those who matter most. 

We appreciate our time with one another more. We understand the importance of human connections on a deeper level, which in a way has made us more evolved as humans.

The pandemic might have been hard on the dating world, but it gave singles new tools to navigate their romantic lives guiding them closer to their happily ever after. 

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