Unshelf Boutique: All Things Decor & Home Goods Consignment in Calgary

Their suite of services, from home staging, to design, to consignment shop, and workshops creates a holistic approach to living beautifully

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Looking for a new favourite spot to thoughtfully shop and give some pre-loved items a home?

Unshelf Boutique is Calgary’s only designer-owned consignment and second-hand decor store, now open at 3411 8th St SE. You can find all things decor and home goods, specializing in ‘styled vignettes.’

How it started (and why!)

Sarah Kirkpatrick: “My interior design company grew and I found myself scouring garage sales and thrift stores for unique pieces for my client’s homes. I also had clients who wanted to get rid of their old decor after our redesigns and there were not many great options for selling items that didn’t involve the pains of Facebook marketplace.

I decided that there needed to be a store where designers, stagers, and the public could shop to find sustainable and affordable decor that was still modern without having to spend hours in thrift stores and at garage sales, or always resorting to Homesense. This store also needed to be available for professional organizers and downsizers and the public to drop off their old decor and make some money (so they could buy new decor if they wanted to!).

And so, I decided to open that store – Unshelf Boutique.”

photo by gulpaphoto

Their styled vignettes

Styled vignettes are designer-styled decor bundles and the items found at Unshelf Boutique are thoughtfully curated into styled vignettes that help to sell your items for more money!

The styled vignettes are a collection of items from various consignors or thrifted items to create complimentary pre-styled designs that look great together, taking the guesswork out of design for shoppers, and help the consignors at the same time. Win win!

How it works

  1. Clients consign their lightly used trendy and modern home decor with Unshelf Boutique (think of it like a second-hand Homesense)
  2. Unshelf Boutique curates that decor into styled vignettes and sells them as bundles, or individually.
  3. The consigner gets 40% of the sale cost of their item (or 45% as credit in the store)!
  4. Any items they don’t keep or can’t sell are donated to Women In Need

What’s to come

Design Lab

Starting November 2022, Unshelf Boutique will be hosting design workshops in the design lab within the store. With their large library of design finish samples like tile, flooring, countertop, wallpaper, and fabrics they’ll be working with people to design a room in their house and create flat lays of beautiful finishes to inspire their renovation.

Decor Den

Also coming this fall to Unshelf Boutique is the decor den. This den will house the products of local artisans, from pottery to clocks, to candles and more!

All items that can integrate seamlessly into Unshelf Boutique’s styled vignettes while supporting local businesses and creatives.

photo by gulpaphoto

Want to visit Unshelf Boutique ? Find them at 3411 8th St SE during their operating hours:

10:00am – 6:00pm Thursday-Saturday.

By Appointment Only Monday-Wednesday.

Closed Sunday.

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