You Can Find Amarula’s New Plant-Based Liqueur in Ontario for Your Date Night Drinks


by Brenton Mowforth @cheerstohappyhour

If you got stranded on a deserted island, who would you prefer to be stranded with? While we can’t promise that you’ll answer ‘my date’, we can say that our [cocktail] choice would make that whole situation a lot better: the Amarula Cream-Like Liqueur cocktail, Swept Away

This tropical tipple is created using the new Amarula plant-based liqueur. Made with Marula fruit and coconut this cream-like indulgence is 100% dairy, nut and gluten-free. It’s now available in the LCBO, making us Ontarians among the first in the world to receive this category of innovation.

The Marula Fruit

Amarula is created using the Marula fruit, grown only in Africa. The Marula tree cannot be cultivated, so the fruit is collected once a year in the wild at the height of summer. The fruit is oval in shape and the size of a small plum. As it ripens, the fruit changes to a yellow colour on the outside, but reveals the white vitamin C rich flesh with a creamy, nutty taste.

Check it out in this Swept Away cocktail below and learn more here:

How to make Swept Away

  • 1 oz Amarula Cream-Like Liqueur 
  • 1 oz Aged Rum
  • 1.5 oz Fresh Orange Juice
  • 0.25 oz Angostura Bitters

Whipshake all ingredients with one cube of ice and strain over crushed or pebbled ice. Garnish with a Dehydrated Orange Wheel and Cherry.

photo by Brenton Mowforth

Impress your date with these newfound cocktail-making skills and sip on this delicious drink before heading out for a date night, or having one at home! Click here for date ideas to accompany your new fave beverage.
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