The Best Places to See the New York City Cherry Blossoms

NYC Cherry Blossoms

For the short moment that the cherry blossoms are blooming in NYC, New Yorkers get a brief pop of colorful beauty, which is why everyone flocks to see them before they are gone again.

When the city begins to see blossoming is dependent on weather, however, they typically start to arrive towards the end of March. Official cherry blossom season is May-June says Central Park.

Check out these five locations for the best cherry blossom watching around the city!

Central Park

A well known spot for a cherry blossom lover, Central Park, has numerous spots for anyone to admire the gorgeous blossoms. You can find them at the bridal path at 90th Street, East Drive at 66th Street, the east side of the Boathouse at 74th Street, the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir and Cherry Hill mid-park at 72nd Street.

Where to find them: Find their locations here.

Flushing Meadows Corona Park

Imagine a picnic under these flourishing blossoms?! What a dreamy date! Head over to Flushing Meadows Corona Park for a gorgeous view of the blooms encircling the former site of the World Fair.

Where to find them: Grand Central Parkway and, Van Wyck Expy

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Brooklyn botanic garden is home to 26 different species and cultivars of cherry blossoms. Different species bloom at different times which means that the garden will never see all trees in bloom at once. BUT, it also creates a longer window to see blossoms!

Where to find them: Find entrance locations here.

Riverside Park

If you are looking to switch up your HGW (hot girl walk, duh) route, head over to Riverside Park. They have four-mile path through their own cherry walk along the Hudson River. You can spot these blossoms between 100th and 125th streets.

Where to find them: W 101st Street

Green-Wood Cemetery

With 172 cherry blossom trees throughout the grounds, this is a sure fire spot to get amazing views of the pink flowers. Found in Brooklyn, you can find enchanting views of the pink and white blossoms framing mausoleums.

Where to find them: 500 25th Street

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