Budget-Friendly Bites in Halifax

Here are some of the best places in Halifax to find budget-friendly bites (because we all know we need a separate budget for patio drinks during the summer). MASHAWEE MEDITERRANEAN GRILL $4.99 Shawarmas?! This is honestly one of the best budget-friendly bites in the city and it is SO good. On top of the delicious […]

The Mealshare Date

Virginia Woolfe said it best- “one cannot eat well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” There is power in food. Some of the best memories we have involve breaking bread with family and friends. But think about how many people go hungry each and every day? Enter Mealshare.

Brunch in Barcelona

Looking for a new weekend tradition? We’ve got you covered. Savor your Saturdays with brunch at Barcelona Tavern. Sick of waiting three hours for some eggs and bacon? In addition to a deliciously unique menu, Barcelona’s beautiful new space is large enough to accommodate all the hungry sinners—meaning less waiting and more brunching.

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