This Vancouver Restaurant Serves Fresh Seafood Alongside the Pacific Ocean

Head to Granville Island for a dinner date gem with a seriously stunning view even after the sun goes down!
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Calling all seafood lovers! This restaurant on Granville Island in Vancouver serves fresh seafood right alongside the Pacific Ocean and it’s perfect for a romantic date night. The Sandbar Seafood Restaurant offers waterfront views from every seat.

While you sip on a Spicy Mango Margarita you can gaze out into the ocean or people watch passengers arrive and depart Granville Island on the Aquabus.

As you enter the restaurant, feast your eyes on live seafood tanks that show off just how fresh these dishes really are.

The restaurant offers a wide variety of seafood options. We ordered the Seafood Hot Pot that’s filled with fresh fish, prawns, mussels, scallops, market vegetables, and a coconut red curry broth; as well as the Fresh Atlantic Lobster with citrus butter sauce.

From Soft Shell Crab dips to Oysters, Lobster and Sushi — the world’s your oyster (literally) when you are at Sandbar Seafood Restaurant!

Then when you’re *almost* too full, watch the day turn into a twinkling night as the sunset over the ocean disappears and you’re left with a view of the city skyline. Order their Crème Brûlée with a scoop of Vanilla Gelato for dessert. Two spoons, please!

This Vancouver restaurant is truly a dreamy place to enjoy a date night out in the city. For more local seafood options, check out some of these local spots for delicious oysters in Vancouver!

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