All The EX-Travagant New Foods of This Year’s CNE

The CNE this year is pickled pink with a line-up of new vendors and classic favourites!
canadian national exhibition cne food

Foodies, CNE lovers, and summer date explorers, rejoice! The Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) is back August 18 – September 4, 2023 with another exceptional selection of inventive, colourful and extravagantly indulgent new food options to tantalize the tastebuds.

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This year’s CNE food vendors are tickled pink… or better yet, pickled pink! Inspired by the popularity of the Barbie™ Movie, and in celebration of The Pink Floyd Exhibition co-presented by the CNE – there’s no shortage of pink themed food offerings this year. Check out new pink foods like Malibu Mac & Cheese, Nachos with Pink Queso Sauce, Pink Cookie Stuffed Chimney Cones, or a Pink Dragon fruit-topped Japanese Souffles.

The many pickle-flavoured treats this year range from pickle lemonades to Pickle Cotton Candy and Green Pickle Fries; or better yet, supersize it with a 4-Pound Taco, Footlong French Fries, or Quarter Pound Cheese-stuffed Doritos.

All the food vendors will be around the Exhibition Place grounds from the Food Building, Midway concession area, and Princes’ Blvd for the annual Food Truck Frenzy & Craft Beer Fest (Aug. 19-Sept. 4).

Here are the new 2023 CNE foods

Malibu Mac & Cheese

A pink champagne three cheese macaroni & cheese with aged white cheddar, Gruyère and Parmesan. Topped with a dollop of caviar served in a fresh baked bread bowl.

Vendor: Eat My Bowls
Find them: in the Food Building

Watermelon Burger

A juicy burger topped with feta, mint, and spinach between two watermelon slices with balsamic glaze.

Vendor: Sam’s Grill
Find them: at the Midway Concessions

Pink Dragon Fruit Fluffy Pancake

From the makers of the Japanese “souffle” pancakes comes their newest sensation topped with pink dragon fruit and strawberry whipped cream.

Vendor: Fuwa Fuwa Pancakes
Find them: in the Food Building


Indulge in a strawberry lover’s dream with our freakishly delicious strawberry milkshake. A creamy milkshake featuring billowing whipping cream, decadent ice cream cone, and crowned by a luscious strawberry cheesecake, this extravagant treat is a true delight for the senses.

Vendor: Dolce Inc. Factory Cheesecake
Find them: in the Food Building, booth #415

Cookie Stuffed Chimney Cones

Think Pink! This Cookie Stuffed Chimney Cone is an all-out pink party with a Strawberry Wafer Cookie Chimney Cone and a strawberry coulis centre topped with a house-made strawberry sugar cookie and classic strawberry wafer.

Vendor: Eva’s Original Chimneys
Find them: in the Food Building

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Churros Smores

A sweet hybrid of classic S’mores and traditional churros – combined to make the perfect sandwich treat.

Vendor: Pancho’s Bakery
Find them: in the Food Building

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Pickle Fries

Pickle this, pickle that, pickled french fries! A totally unique experience the entire family will love. Paired with a creamy dill-ranch sauce of course. Keep your eyes on the pickle fries!

Vendor: Mr. Vegetable
Find them: at the Midway Concessions

4-Pound Taco

A heavy-weight champion hard-shell taco weighing in at 4lbs of cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream, pico de gallo, avocado tomatillo salsa, pineapple, chorizo and French Fries.

Vendor: Machette
Find them: in the Food Building

Butter Chicken Overload

You’ll want to have plenty of napkins handy before you get your hands on Butter Chicken Overload. Tandoori fried chicken dunked in butter chicken sauce topped with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, tandoori aioli, cheddar cheese, butter chicken loaded fries all sandwiched between two butter chicken samosas.

Vendor: Rick’s Good Eats
Find them: at the Food Truck Frenzy on Princes’ Blvd. Aug. 19-Sept. 4

Pickle Cotton Candy

Now this cotton candy may look like a fruity, even citrusy surprise; but don’t be fooled – this is all things dill, vinegar and savour… in a cotton candy texture! This is for true pickle lovers and if you can get past the savoury taste of your cotton candy, we encourage you to try it out. 

Vendor: Candy Time
Find them: at the Midway Concessions

The Hang Ten

Seared ahi tuna on a bed of rice with fresh avocado, jalapeños, pineapple salsa, pickled ginger, cucumber, scallions, black & white sesame seeds and sriracha aioli served in a pineapple bowl.

Vendor: Eat My Bowls
Find them: in the Food Building

Poutine Pizza

An authentic wood-fired pizza topped with poutine for two all-time fav foods in one!

Vendor: Wood Fired Pizza
Find them: at the Midway Concessions

Footlong Freakk Fries

The latest carnival favourite – Footlong Freakk Fries are making their CNE debut. Made of a special potato recipe, Crispy outside – soft inside. Drizzled with Garlic Aioli and generously sprinkled with Parmesan and Parsley flakes.

Vendor: Footlong Freakk Fries
Find them: at the Midway Concessions

Street Corn Lemonade

From the creators of the Mac & Cheese and Spicy Pickle Lemonades, comes their newest innovation – the Street Corn Lemonade.

Vendor: Real Fruit Splash
Find them: at the Midway Concessions

Cheeseburger Ice Cream & Street Corn Ice Cream

From the creators of the Ketchup and Mustard Ice Cream comes their latest invention, Cheese Burger Ice Cream: Served in a cheese-coated waffle cone, topped with a pretzel and a fresh pickle.

Also try the Street Corn Ice Cream – with all the accoutrements such as lime, Cotija cheese, and chili seasoning.

Vendor: So Cute Ice Cream
Find them: at the Midway Concessions

Krispy Kreme Blueberry Chicken Sandwich

Epic Burger’s signature crispy chicken breast sandwiched between two Classic Krispy Kreme glazed donuts and topped with sweet and spicy whipped blueberry cream cheese.

Vendor: Epic Burgers
Find them: in the Food Building

Holy Moly Cannoli

A jumbo custom-made cinnamon cannoli stuffed with a slice of veal cutlet breaded and rolled with Provolone cheese, and topped with provolone and Pomodoro, a drizzle of garlic aioli, rainbow sprinkles and garnished with sweet and salty hickory sticks – holy moly indeed!

Vendor: San Francescos
Find them: in the Food Building

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Peanut Butter Jelly Corn

A wacky take on Fair favourite Corn on the Cob – the Peanut Butter Jelly Corn is topped with peanut butter and jelly swirls.

Vendor: Corn Stars
Find them: at the Midway Concessions

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Hula Girl Nachos

Topped with pulled pork, shredded lettuce, tomatoes, onions, bacon, pineapple and a Pink pina colada sauce.

Vendor: Nacho Hustle
Find them: in the Food Building

Bacon Wrapped Wings

This meaty monster feature is what happens when two brothers – one a wing connoisseur and one a bacon enthusiast – put their minds together. Presenting Bacon Wrapped Wings available in two sensational flavours – Hot Lime Siracha and Sweet Honey Thai.

Vendor: Bacon Nation + Wings & Tenders
Find them: in the Food Building

Thanksgiving Poutine

A meal within a meal! Crispy golden fries topped with mushroom gravy, cheese curds, cranberry mayo, stuffing – all the best Thanksgiving fixin’s for a hearty meal that will have you craving the crisp fall weather.

Vendor: Sam’s Grill
Find them: at the Midway Concessions

Peanut Butter Corndog & Pickleback Hot Dog

Corndogs are a true staple at any fair, these hand-held crispy battered corndogs dominate the “Food on a stick” craze. Try this new sweet and savoury take of a corndog.

With a perfectly crisped batter, imagine every delicious bite has the incredible taste of comforting peanut butter, complemented with’a homestyle jam drizzled on the outside.

Vendor: Coco’s Corndogs
Find them: at the Midway Concessions

The Puffs: Luv Pebbles

20 fresh mini pancakes loaded with Condensed Milk Drizzle, Fruity Pebbles and pineapple.

Vendor: Toasties and Puffs
Find them: at the Midway Concessions

Deep Fried Pizza Slices

Enioy a classic slice of cheese pizza from Pizza Pizza coated in a special batter, deep fried with three exciting flavours to choose from:

  • Classic/plain – a pizza centre and deep fried crust
  • Buffalo Sauced – the above, but doused in Buffalo sauce
  • Hot Honey, with pickles, Creamy Garlic & Doritos

Vendor: Pizza Pizza
Find them: along the Galleria inside the Enercare Centre

Mac & Triple Cheese Chimichanga

Deep fried tortilla stuffed with macaroni and cheese, topped with Doritos and cheese sauce.

Quarter Pound Cheese Stuffed Doritos

Deep fried cheese coated with a crunchy Doritos crust.

Korean Fried Frog Legs

Crispy frog legs served in a Korean sweet chilli sauce.

Vendor: Farm to Fryer
Find them: in the Food Building, booth #117

Sweet & Spicy Caramel Nuts Ice Cream

Grab a spoon and dig into this fusion of creamy sweetness, bold cajun crunch, salted caramel sauce and fiery heat. The Sweet and Spicy Caramel Nuts frozen yogurt is a flavour journey you won’t forget.

Vendor: Yogen Früz®
Find them: in the Food Building

Pineapple Lychee Habanero Tea

The ultimate rollercoaster of flavours- refreshing, sweet, and then BAM! A burst of fiery delight. Introducing Pineapple Lychee Habanero Tea- the fiery fusion that will leave your taste buds dancing. This unique and adventurous green tea takes tropical sweetness to new heights with the tantalizing combo of pineapple, habanero, and luscious lychee.

Vendor: Yogen Früz®
Find them: in the Food Building

We’ll be sharing end-of-summer dates and everything CNE all month long! Keep your eyes out here for more.

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