What’s Up This Weekend

Friends, 2020 has proven to be THE year of growth and learning in a wide scope of very real, very serious and significant social and personal ways. From COVID-19, to environmental phenomena and the incredible resilience and courage of the Black community and POC, this year specifically has introduced to us so many important lessons […]

What’s Up This Weekend

Can we just please give a huge virtual high-five to YYC for the major fierce community spirit we’ve seen these last few weeks? We are hella proud to be from this amazing city that so quickly and effectively jumped online to keep our dates amazing + safe at home. Read on for the DL on […]

What’s Up This Weekend

SWEET NEWS YYC! The Summer Solstice is THIS Saturday meaning summer is officially HERE! And it’s time to celebrate with that full summer spice and sass, especially as our city safely reopens. It is SUCH an exciting time where we can take what we learned from the last few months and apply to our day-to-day […]

Light up your love life with Spark Dating App!

Tired of mindlessly swiping right? Of vague, lacklustre dating profiles and dead-end conversations? 2020 has majorly leveled up our craving for authentic connection and our creativity when it comes to dating. Spark dating app is here to help you express yourself to the fullest and light up your love life in ways no app has […]

Top 5 Weekend Picks

Hello hello YYC fam! The holiday season is winding up hot and our city continues to impress with so many wonderful, creative and super cute date ideas to keep those relationship vibes spicy. Now more than ever we really encourage you to show big local love to the small businesses that bring our city so […]

10 Fab Local Valentine’s Dates!

Hello hello YYC fam! That brutal cold Feb weather is coming in HOT… er, cold rather. But all those fierce and spicy Valentine’s vibes are lighting up the local YYC Date Night scene. The only chills you’ll be feeling are ones of looove. Read on to see what’s happening around YYC to level up your […]

Satisfy Your Cravings With These Mini Egg Treats In Calgary

April has Easter, and Easter has mini eggs. Although Cadbury Mini Eggs are sold year round in Canada, they taste extra sweet around the holiday, and we just can’t seem to get our fix! Luckily, many restaurants, bakeries and local businesses create seasonally inspired mini egg treats in Calgary so we can definitely try them […]

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